Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Sous Jardinier

On the weekend - Sunday actually, as Saturday was 34C - we planted some Cos lettuce, replacing the broccoli (which had been riddled with green grubs from white butterflies), and Butterbeans, replacing the Cauliflower, which were a wonderful grow, even though son-in-law said they were not full of home-grown flavour.
Mama has a "sous chef", so I now have a "sous jardinier". She is not the most gentle of gardeners, and is loathe to take advice, but she did not step on any of them, and it was an easy task to simply adjust them later.

In large (plastic) pots I also planted a "Jap" pumpkin, and an apple cucumber. The pumpkin, to Kirsten's astonishment, will be ready for harvest come autumn.

In the garden, at the moment, we have:
podding peas,
snow peas,
green beans,
butter beans,
spring onions,
carrots (my nemesis!),
lebanese cucumbers,
apple cucumbers,
silverbeet (spinach),
dutch cream potatoes,
kipfler potatoes,
Jap pumpkin, and
The only other thing I can think of is radish, and I know just the pot. Shame is is not popular in this household.