A three monthly continuous cycle:

Son: Week Zero start in Bin
Father: Week 4 Move to tumbler
Grandfather: Week 8 Move to Box
Spread: Week 12 distribute around garden

After the first two months, I am producing a load of compost at the end of each month.

Note: Not quite working to this plan. 

Still only have 2 bins. Find it easier to fork a black bin, than to tumble a green bin. Shall continue this method. A load of compost about every 6 wks.
Beg January 2014
Mid February
Beg April
Mid May
Beg July
Mid August
Beg October
Mid November
Beg January 2015


diane b said...

I have yet to find the best way to make compost. I have tried many methods. I have tumbler at the moment but it takes longer than a month.

Julie said...

Yes, I could not make compost in a month. At the moment, I am about 6 - 7 weeks. Today, I pitched the half-done compost into the tumbler, and it should be rady about the first week of January. It takes about 3 weeks to collect the goodies to tumble.