The Breezeway Garden is home to 14 Hydrangea plants: seven varieties, planted in the same order down each side, regardless of whether in tub, or in ground. They were purchased online in little tubes, from Brenlissa Nursery in Victoria in November 2013.

Here are the nursery notes for each, eventually to be replaced by my own assessment.

Pink MopheadMophead Pink in alkaline pH soils. Attractive pink blooms. Hydrangeas are among the showiest of summer-autumn flowering plants. Prefers morning sun and afternoon shade however they do not do well in heavy shade. Suitable for large pots also. 0.9 - 1.2mtr high x width.
RubisThis is already an image from my own plant.
Red EmperorThis is already an image of my flower. According to the nursery notes, this can be much redder: "A medium sized stocky shrub with strong stems 1 m H & W. Flowers very red in alkaline soils, especially if lime is added. Forms a dense shrub from 1 to 1.5m abundance of tiny heads of red flowers."
Marie Claire
Renata SteinigerHydrangea macrophylla Light Blue.
Blue MopheadMophead blue in acid pH soil. Very floriferous, covered in large flower heads which sometimes completely enshroud the bush. Full sun or part shade, Wind and coastal tolerant. 0.9 -1.2m H x W.

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