Blueberry (Brightwell x 2)
Often called 'Rabbiteyes'. this is one of the hardiest of all the blueberries. Berries often form like grapes in thick clusters. This variety is often in the shops  due to its bigger size and  bigger harvest. Harvest Sept thru Dec. Not much fruit the first season.

Blueberry (Misty x 1)
Get an even bigger harvest when planted with other varieties. Because of low chill hours, Misty is a favorite in the subtropics. The Misty is one of the first varieties to fruit and the size is medium to large. The flavour is sweet and spicy and they perform well in pots.

Fig (Brown Turkey)
A brown skinned medium to large fig with copper-coloured skin and whitish to pink pulp. Very good quality with few seeds. A prolific bearer.

Fig (Black Genoa)
A large sized fig with purple skin and red flesh that has a very sweet rich flavour.Resist wanting it to fruit in the first season, as the tree needs to develop in size.

Kumquat (Nagam, Dwarf)
Fruit brilliant orange when ripe. June - Sept
Eat as a fruit, or make into jam.

Lemon (Eureka)
Has set way too many, and will need to drop perhaps half.
Need to keep tree compact, as it is not a dwarf variety.

Lime (Tahitian)
Has set medium quantity of fruit, but probably too much.
This is not dwarf either, and will need to be kept compact.

Mandarin (Okitsu Wabe)
This is a variety of Satsuma, and is dwarf. It has set massive numbers of fruit and will struggle. Seedless.

Raspberry (Heritage)(x 2)
Fruits Jan to March. It is a primpcane variety, meaning each year NOT biennial. We shall see.

four different varieties in about 18 plants.

No idea of the variety I picked up at BJ growers' market.

Ross'n'Robyn gave me a 'Nellie Kelly' for my 65th. In a pot, so fertilize monthly.

Redlands Joy (1) - One of the sweetest strawberries in Australia, suitable for for warmer subtropical climates.  High yielding and productive throughout the season.  The fruits are softer and lighter in colour than the Californian varieties.  Resists rain damage, very popular for local sales.

Sugarbaby (6) -   A mid-season variety with exceptional flavour characteristics, attractive red, glossy, conical and medium-sized with resistance to rain damage. Flesh is bright red, of low acidity, and excellent sweet flavour. Fruit are well displayed, and easily harvested.  Fruit production commences in early June and will continue cropping through spring.

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