Thursday, 21 November 2013

Raspberry jam in the first season? Not quite.

Did a lot of garden maintenance today. Made a decision that I was the owner of the garden, and the plants were mere tenants. They have to do it MY way! Many of them got a hair cut, including the rampant tomatoes, where entire trusses of fruit were tossed onto the scrap heap. Scavenged around the green beans trying to get them a bit of air, a bit of sun, and even some light. They are still flowering, so that is good.
Then I started to read up about Raspberries, as the fruit is 'starting' to come, but they are not bountiful, and are a bit on the small side. I know the nursery guff about this particular Raspberry (Heritage) says it fruits on 'primocanes', but my photos seem to indicate that they are only fruiing on last years canes, the 'floricanes'. The floricanes are brown, and a bit withered looking. But as you can see, the fruit is coming. I gather that primocanes will produce a small crop in the autumn. So, once these floricanes produce no more, I cut them down to about 2cms above ground level, and they will produce next years primocanes. Neat little alternating pattern this fruit has going. After the primocanes fruit in autumn I need to just trim the top of each cane, and ensure that they have air and light. DO NOT ALLOW TOO MANY CANES TO GROW. I will also not grow anything other than Raspberries and Blueberries in that bed, No more corn in there, and no more beetroot.

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