Saturday, 15 June 2013

And didn't they grow, lordy, didn't they grow!

These seedlings were transplanted into our low bed on 21st May, which is a month this coming Tuesday. I could not be happier with their progress. Today, I labouriously pulled all the 'winter grass' that has sprung up through the compost. Perhaps I should stop putting bread off-cuts into the compost, which might keep the green haze of weed to a minimum. Not sure.

The silverbeet should be ready to start picking in another two weeks, so will apply a weak fish emulsion twice weekly from here on in. The celery has a long way to go but I want to start stretching it to the sun, so will get my sleeves ready.

The kumquat has three fruit on it already. My bible says they take months to ripen, and never never taste until they are fully coloured as they are tTart!

Repositioned the compost bin today, and turned the contents upside down. Hefty job. I am half way through this batch (6 weeks), so should be starting my next batch and leaving this batch to settle and do its little chemical dance. Bunnings. Need to go to Bunnings!


head in the sun said...

ooo you know what we used this week-end and I reckon you would love to use for your compost - a mulcher.
Man oh man it was fun!
We had to chop out 3 humungous camellias and we zoomed them all through the mulcher - now we have lots of lovely stuff to put on the garden. Dad throws his mulched up stuff into his compost bin.

Julie said...

ahha ... Darren mucked out the entire 'hedge' this weekend, including camellias. He now has use of three green bins, 'cause neighbours feel sorry for him! But there is still bundles to go. Did you hire the mulcher, or bludge it?

Darren Lynn said...

It's something that can be hired, along with the wet saw for the sandstone blocks that require shaping.