Thursday, 27 June 2013

Down comes the hedge

2013-06-09 Home-5

A tall hedge ran along our driveway.  While pretty enough, it stood about a metre in from the boundary.  We couldn't even get our little hatchback into the drive, let alone under the car port.

.2013-06-09 Home-3

So down it had to come.

2013-06-09 Home-9

2013-06-16 Home-1

2013-06-16 Home-8

2013-06-16 Home-17


head in the sun said...

Sheesh - what did the neighbour say?
We are doing the exact same thing along the fenceline out the back - chopping out a hedge of beautiful camellias.
Do you have a chipper?
We've put all ours through the chipper and have a magnificent pile of mulch now.
So glad to hear Julie is out of hospital.

Julie said...

Lettyy, I had spoken to the neighbour a number of times to warn her it was about to come down. It was totally on our property, so permission ws not a problem. The neighbour was cool. That was how we found out she was only renting and that the owner lived in The Solomons!! We are going to erect a fence all the way along to get back some of the privacy, and ... to erect guidewires for raspberry canes!!