Monday, 30 September 2013

Is growing peas childs' play?

Bunnings has this 'pea package' directed at children which emphasises how simple it is to grow peas. If it is mere child's play, how come it is so hard?

I have two varieties planted: Snow Peas, and Honeypods. And I seem to be struggling with both. Admittedly, the Honeypods were a case of mistaken identity, as I really wanted Sugar Snaps. Both varieties are trellised up, but with wooden lattice rather than chicken mesh, which I might have to cover the lattice with as the tendrils on the peas are not particularly macho. I water them daily, and have used Dynamic Lifter AND Charlie Carp. I will read up about an enriched nitrogen fertiliser, too.

They require full sun, but the full sun seems to wilt them and brown them. I will persevere, and come the long weeknd, see if I can find some Sugarsnap seedlings to fuss about as well.


Kay L. Davies said...

Okay, now I see what I did wrong, I didn't have myself down to be following this blog or Dolwendee or Plumbing the Deeps, so you dropped off my radar (i.e. the list of blogs I follow) and I went into a panic. Jim of Sydney City and Suburbs said you were still alive, which was quite a relief, but didn't have any new news. So, when you have a moment, please do tell. I was sure I had e-mailed you, but I've been wrong before.
Luv, K

Margaret said...

Hope the peas take off soon, some Potash ???? to help set flowers might be good when they are grown up a bit. Full sun, could mean European sun, not Australian" burn you to a crisp" sun or maybe morning sun not afternoon "cook you alive" sun.
It's all trial and error and every yard is different, good luck.

Julie said...

I am going to try 'Thrive Complete' this weekend and give them until the end of October. The snowpeas are responding, just not the podding peas. TC is high on nitrogen I am led to believe.