Friday, 6 September 2013

Kitchen garden planting


Ma has discovered she can catch the bus from the end of our street directly to Bunnings. And Ma let loose in Bunnings means that there has been a planting frenzy in our kitchen garden.

Darren finished the final two garden beds about two weeks ago, just before he succumbed to the virus that swept through our household (except for Ma). All that remains is to do a rebuild of the citrus garden with the boulders unearthed from his driveway expansion (more on that later) and to finish off the walkways of the kitchen garden with pebbles. Ma has this Nepean River gravel in mind.

And so it was time to plant the second large vege bed, the sandstone bed, and myriad pots of assorted shapes and sizes.

Kitchen garden new plantings

^^ That's capsicum in the blue pot and zucchini in the terracotta pot.

Kitchen garden new plantings

^^ And here are the Lebanese cucumbers.

Kitchen garden new plantings

^^ There are a few pots of sweet corn.

Kitchen garden new plantings

^^ These snowpeas are in the sandstone garden bed.

Kitchen garden new plantings

^^ There are also beetroot in the sandstone bed.

Kitchen garden new plantings

^^ In the middle there are French butter beans and French green beans, between the cherry tomatoes and the cos lettuce planted a week or two ago.

Kitchen garden new plantings

^^ Did you know baby iceberg lettuce are called iceblock lettuce? No really!

The baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and cos lettuce were planted a week or two ago and the rest yesterday. Radishes are also germinating on cotton wool and will be ready for planting soon.

Alannah helped to water the garden today and, I gather, did an excellent job of watering the driveway.


head in the sun said...

Man o man, you've got a LOT of vegies.
Excellent training for when the world wide famine hits.
I hit Bunnings yesterday too.
Have you seen Searle's Organic 5 in 1 plant food?
It looks like a big bag of potting mix - it's got real poo in it!
I'm gunna give it a go on my new nectarine tree.

Julie said...

Shall keep an eye out for it. I have just bought my second lot of Dynamic Lifter for Vegies. Can only cart 1.5kgs in my trolley, but if I reckon I am getting bang for my buck out of it, I shall ask Darren to get me a 20kg bag in the wagon.