Monday, 15 April 2013

Kids in the garden | Marking the territory

2013-04-07 Home-7

Three weekends into the big vege garden project, the first of the garden beds was up. It was time to mark out territory for the second.

It's a complex task.

Daddy measured the dimensions and placed the rope. Alannah went to move the rope. Daddy resisted.

"No sto-op, sto-op," said Alannah. "I will be just one minute and I will do this and then I will come back, ok?"

Daddy, sensing the battle was lost, re-measured and staked the corner. Alannah carefully piled dirt on the tip of the stake.

And eventually...

2013-04-07 Home-19
  2013-04-07 Home-21

The territory marked, the digging and chopping began again. Much soil had to be moved from the new site to the existing garden bed. Handful by handful, shovelful by shovelful.

2013-04-07 Home-10

2013-04-07 Home-11


head in the sun said...

Wow! I don't think I realized quite how much soil those raised beds take.
I don't think I'd like to be filling it handful by handful.

Julie said...

820mm is a lot of soil. And I am not sure that many veggies require that depth for their root systems. Am thinking corn.

Julie said...

Ahha ... corn does best if allowed a depth of 4ft with a radius of 3ft. The smaller the radius, the deeper the root. According to this 1927 diatribe