Thursday, 4 April 2013

Kids in the garden | Wiggerly Woo

2013-03-30 Home-15 
2013-03-30 Home-29

Each day of the Easter long weekend, they dug in the front garden. Grass gave way to earth.  Earth gave way to long tangles of tree roots.

2013-03-30 Home-17

And the roots gave way to worms that wriggled and writhed in her fingers.

Bless ABC's cotton socks for scheduling its gardening theme on Playschool last week. She danced and sang Wiggerly Woo on the newly turned soil.

2013-03-30 Home-34 2013-03-30 Home-54


head in the sun said...

Wish I could garden in my underpants.

Julie Storry said...

*chuckle* ... this was over Easter, when Kirsten was toilet-training her.

Kirsten's i-Mac has gone in for service, so her distinctive posts are paused for perhaps a week.