Monday, 22 April 2013

The hiatus of generational living

The general pace of construction has come off the boil not through lack of application, but due to wild and woolly weather these last two weekends, resulting in squelchy soil, and useless working conditions. An autumn bug that took out all three generations did not help either! However, two garden beds are now in situ and Darren has both an axe and a chain-saw with which to whittle away the massive roots of the old fig tree.

The large bed is 1300mm wide, by 2200mm long by 820mm high. The smaller bed only differs in that it is 400mm high. Both are 'Birdies' from Bunnings and the colour is 'Paperbark'. The large one was $297 and the smaller one $199.

Darren has tried poisoning the oleander along the side fence, but only part is dieing. There are three 'stumps' to grub out along that fence-line as yet to make way for a narrow [500mm] bed for climbing beans and peas.

See how the roots have entwined the water meter. We are not sure, but think the meter was there first. That piece shall remain, but the OTHER side of the trunk will have the roots cut back. If they can be removed, all to the good, to make way for planting of fruit trees directly into the soil. If not, then we place the trees into large pots that are then placed above the offending roots. Tninking fig, two avocadoes, and a lime would be a good mix. Perhaps, a mandarin. Shall see what space allows. The compost is ready for the large bed.


Joan Elizabeth said...

In my garder the tree roots just climbed up into the new garden beds.

That was back when we used to have a vege garden, before the house extension which stole that little sunny circle of foodie goodness ... some 10 years ago.

Julie said...

More de-rooting occurred this arvo. Shall take photos in the morning light tomorrow. The size of the roots are just astounding.