Sunday, 19 May 2013

Colour me winter

As we enter Winter, all these flowers are still adorning either our back-garden or our front-garden, and many camelias are still at the bud stage. Whomsoever owned this garden prior to us, they surely liked Camelias, both Camelia Sassanqua and Camelia Japonica. Sadly, the only Azalea in the garden is one I brought with me in a pot. However, their taste in colour differs from mine. We have too many that are white with splashes of pink. But to my great joy this morning, I found a bold'n'brassy Japonica in the middle of the rear fence. Yay!


head in the sun said...

I always find you can balance pink with orange - although I am told these colours clash and orange is not a popular colour in the garden.
Scoff - can you imagine?!
We have a gazillion camellias too.
And a humungous old walnut tree.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Camelias are wonderful because they add colour to a winter garden. I like that begonia too.

Julie said...

Joan - Yes, the begonia is wonderful, and so easy to strike. But the flowers seem to dangle and their prettiness is hidden ...

Letty - Alsnnah has a lot of pink and orange! I like the sound of that walnut tree. Good for a photographer ... and a cook!