Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Our house | The empty room

More than three months after we moved in, our living room still stands almost empty.

The obvious way to furnish it would be like this, as it was when we first saw it.


But we don't need more couches and we definitely don't need another television.  (Suggestions of televisions in all rooms with 24-hour sport did not fly.)

And so it remains empty, except for our old couch, the armchair that I will soon move to baby sister's room, the toy box that holds Alannah's paints and brushes, and a few toys strewn about.

It's still early days in our design plans, but we see it as a shared reading, writing and creating space.  A library, salon, studio, and parlour.

It would have a big shared table in the middle, perhaps square, perhaps rectangular, flanked with comfortable chairs.  Of an evening, we would be there working, reading or relaxing.  Of a Saturday night, there might be friends for dinner or a poker game.  Of a Sunday morning, we would be there reading and chatting with our coffees.

Along the wall opposite the fireplace, there would a large bookshelf stacked to the brim.  On one side of the fireplace, there would be an inviting armchair and ottoman; on the other, perhaps little armchairs and a bookshelf with a rotating mix of library books and home favourites.  One day, there might even be a working gas fireplace and welcoming hearth.

It would all start with the centrepiece table.  I have struggled to put my finger quite on what it would be like.  Would it be hardwood, heavy and dark?  Or would that overpower the room?  Perhaps something lighter, slimmer, more modern?

Recently, Brenda from benah posted this beautiful space on instagram.  I had not pictured anything like this table; could it be what we are looking for?

Living room inspiration


head in the sun said...

Your room has a lovely feel to it.
And I love the sound of the picture in your head (can you actually like the sound of a picture?)
I guess the good thing about the table on instagram is, it's easily dismantled when you need some extra space in the room (for Twister?)

Kirsten Lynn said...

Or singing and dancing. There's always a lot of spaced needed for that.

It's a bit hard to see but I think the table is stone on stainless steel legs. And, I imagine, well out of our budget!

Julie said...

... we have a game of twister somewhere ...

Margaret said...

What a beautiful room, you may have to move things a few times till it is working well, but that is half the fun of settling in.
If this space is to be for family sharing I would choose a table with soul, something in solid wood that will stand up to various crafting and child use.Some modern table surfaces don't cope with actual constant use by a family.
"Trendy" comes and goes but family mmemories around your table will be with you all for a lifetime.
Gas heaters are awesome, a nice gentle heat that warms large spaces,and quite cheap to run.

Kay L. Davies said...

Hmm, I thought it was wood on stainless steel legs, a piece of wood cut from a tree lengthwise, so the bark shows on both sides, but sanded so little hands (and big ones) don't get splinters.
Of course, I came from British Columbia, where everyone thought in terms of wood until too many forests were clearcut.
I just know it is going to be a wonderful room, Julie, where you and your family can do all of the things you've thought of, and many more that haven't yet come to mind.

Kay L. Davies said...

Oops, I meant to say Kirsten, but I was thinking of Julie, so...Kirsten and Julie and family!