Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Life through a curved window

One's perception is often dependent upon how a narrative is framed, and curves are gentler, curves are more inclusive. That is my perception, anyways.

The photo of our rear garden was taken from Alannah's bedroom window when the rains were in full-swing last week. The photo of the front garden was taken from my usual vantage point - hanging out the family room window. Remarkably similar shapes, aren't they. The curved garden at the back is pure flowers, pure pleasure, sans utility. I have Bijou Sweetpeas, prostrate Gardenias, hot pink Cyclamen, white Allysum, Sweet William, Primula, and Lobelia, as well as a sprinkling of succulents.

In the front garden, I am tossing up between Lavender (which I am useless at!), and Pompone Dahlias which my maternal grandfather grew prolifically. I have just discovered that there are Raspberries and Blueberries for temperate climates, raspberries being a biennial cane, and blueberries being a bush.

Both Kirsten's husband, and Kirsten's father, today commented that the celery I planted last week is growing more wicked by the day. Goodo ...

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Joan Elizabeth said...

When we first moved here we had rasberries growng in the garden but I find gardens change ... that particular bed lost it's sun when the neighbours tree grew big.

I agree curves are best.