Saturday, 6 July 2013

From the kitchen | Cooking from our garden



After a week of sunshine and warm winter days, it was time to pick our first little harvest from the vege bed.


Ma picked out some silverbeet, shallots and parsley while Alannah and I played down at the park this afternoon. They smelt so good.


With Dada enjoying a night out, I had grand plans to try out a fish pie recipe I'd had an eye on. Of course, I should have checked that I had fish. The little parcel in the fridge from our Aussie Farmers delivery turned out to be prawns...

Not my best effort in the kitchen. Certainly not my worst. I will definitely try it again when I DO have fish.

So there you have it: our first harvest and my first effort at cooking our own garden produce.



head in the sun said...

Congratulations on your first harvest.
Here's to many more.

Julie said...

To be able to cut leaves of my choice was a real buzz. And the smell of the shallotts was nose tingling!