Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Orchard fully stocked

Finally, my 'orchard' is fully stocked, with the arrival today, of my second order from Daleys of Kyogle.

I am impressed with their delivery process. I ordered on Wed 17th, received the despatched email Tues 23rd, and the box was on my porch (under cover, as requested) today, Wed 24th. The plants were all still upright, and the mix still moist. The planting instructions are comprehensive, and in plain English.

In this consignment I received: a Black Genoa Fig; two Heritage Raspberry canes; a Tahitian Lime; two Brightwell Blueberry bushes; and one Misty Blueberry bush. I will plant all out tomorrow, save the raspberries, which I will pot for the time being.


head in the sun said...

How exciting!
I'm supremely jealous.
I have one tree in my orchard.
A sad old lemon.

head in the sun said...

For some reason I always thought Daleys were in FNQ.

Julie said...

Nope ... at Kyogle which is just north of Lismore and inland a smidge from Byron ... they have rainforest plants too so this may have influenced your thinking.