Monday, 1 July 2013

Here comes the sun ...

That lazy old sun is back to rollin' round heaven all day, and isn't the veggie patch lovin' it! I was out today weeding, trimming and 'whispering'. Also engaging in a smidge of wishful thinking. This, for instance. I read that you can 'see' next year's figs immediately beneath the bark of the spindley branches. From the top, that is a new shoot. the little round button is the incipient fruit, and on the bottom is the scar of a removed branch. This is my new 'Brown Turkey' variety.

I had already planted three cloves of garlic, and today I dug five more into the mulch/soil in the orchard, Stephanie Alexander maintaining they are good companion plants for citrus trees.

Given that we might use a knob of garlic per week, I am way behind the eight ball, but need to stagger the plantings steadily.

Can't wait to see a clove turn into a knob, and to see the beauty of the garlic flower.

The silverbeet is due to be mature next week, seven weeks from planting. They are looking good, young and fresh. I think Kirsten mentioned a pie that she had in mind. Personally, I am partial to spinach (??) and parmesan risotto, but pie would go down a treat, too. I have ideas for a greenhouse and work bench sited in the back garden alongside the worm farm and the first compost bin, which will be joined by a second bin next weekend.

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