Tuesday, 10 June 2014


I don't even need cheese to make this vegetable more appealing to my palate. It has always been one of my favourites, boiled but still crunchy. Done as a slow bake "gratin" it is delicious, I grant you. And there was a stage, that I would dunk the heads in a cumin-based paste, and lightly fry. Once again, delicious.

The heads of the caulis I grew this year have been small, but I will work on that. I thought I grew equal numbers of Broccoli AND Cauliflower, but the Brocolli outnumbered by perhaps 5:1, for some reason. Germination, perhaps. I am about to plant another 5 Cauliflower. They are a massuve plant so, hope I leave suficient space.

Top photo, the cauli I pulled this arvo.
Bottom photo, the cauli I will pull in about two weeks.


diane b said...

Well done but a cheese sauce is nice too.

Julie said...

I'm not much into sauces. Perhaps some sprinkld parmesan, but that's about it.

Margaret said...

Good job, I don't have the space to grow these just now, maybe next year.
If you prefer the naked taste you will probably, like cauliflower soup, a few ingredients, and a light lovely taste.....yum

Julie said...

Yes, I love cauliflower soup, but don't have it very much at all. I think next year that I will only grow Cauliflowers rather than Broccoli as well. More bang for yer buck with Caulis, and fewer aphids!