Thursday, 5 June 2014

Comfort zones, on the edge

As a means to an end, a segue if you will, here are some photos taken at Easter, which was the end of April. Yes?

Kirsten has many skills and attributes, but being "handy" would not rank up there. She can concoct homus, slap up a wholegrain high-top, and temper eggs to perfection. But nuts'n'bolts, screw'n'nails, Phillips'n'slotted beget a blank gaze.

So, double was her pleasure, when she got to drive the power-drill as Darren started in on the panels of our hanging garden over the extended break, Easter abutting ANZAC Day as it did this year.

Sure, there was much patient explanation. Much uncomprehending hilarity. But she got it. "By George, she got it!"

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1 comment:

Margaret said...

Good to see the hanging walls take shape, and Kirsten "getting on" her girl power, it is always a good example for the little ones to see Mum having a go at different tasks.
What a great idea to put up a chalk board, where you will be working in the front yard.
Hope you have better results from the carrots next time.