Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Coles Black Leg

I had originally thought this to be "black leg", a mould to which Cole veggies (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts) are susceptible. This specimen is on my Broccoli.

However, when I crop the image and view it close up, the grey "crystals" appear to be bugs.

My solution to this infestation, was to remove the infected plants if they were stunted, or to remove the affected leaves, if the plant appeared otherwise vigorous. I gather that most issues with Cole varieties arise due to their size, vigour, and growing too close together. AND over-head watering. My two beds suffered from all this. They looked wonderful until last week when they appeared to "sag", a bit like Alannah when she droops her shoulders to signify unhappiness.
So, my mantra now is "open heads - open legs". Many of the outer leaves can be removed once the florets start to form They simply get in the way of themselves or their neighbour, blocking light and significantly reducing air circulation. By keeping the understorey, clear, free from weeds and mouldy leaves, it allows the circulation of air and light to work wonders. My older bed of Broccoli is a bit devastated, but the newer bed is benefitting tremendously.

The overhead watering is easily solved, either by using a free-flow (hand-held) hose, or by use of the 26*3 litre milk bottles I have stashed around the garden to water the large pots.


diane b said...

You are doing wonders in your garden. I have given up with my veggie patch . Are the bugs aphids?

Julie said...

I have read that the bugs are probably aphids. However, they are quite different in appearance tpo the aphids which suck roses. These aphids look this potash along the stem/leaf.

I will email you about your veggie patch.