Sunday, 8 June 2014

Never bruise one's carrot leaves

I went looking for suggestions re continuous planting of carrots which, in Sydney, I judge, could be all year round. This English site is informative, to some extent, even though I had to chart the seasons in the hemispheres, and the varieties are all different. I was a bit overwhelmed by the Tasmanian chart of what can go wrong when growing carrots. I know they tend to be precious, and fork with the simplest of presure. One of the reasons that I have veered toward above-ground veggies.

The photos here were taken 10th May, and show my one carrot success. The size difference is due to my NOT thinning the seedlings anything like enough. I am using Mr Fothergill's "Baby Pak" carrots, but will change over to Diggers seeds come this spring. My next lot, I will sow mid-June for harvest 10 weeks later, making it the beginning of September. From then onwards, I will sow a dozen plants per month, and see if my supply for the kitchen can be more regular.

And the bruising of leaves? Ahha. The carrot fly is attracted to the smell of bruised carrot leaves, and then weedles its way into the root.

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