Thursday, 10 April 2014

A collaborative retention

Photoshopped image by Alastair
So, this morning, Kirsten and I stepped in, and around, and over, all the ideas and images from yesterday's blog-post. We streamlined and clarified our ideas, and our purpose for doing the renovation. What did we hope to achieve? I think it fair to say, we took the minimalist route. She knocked up a spot-on design which I scanned in for posterity.

I included Kirsten's brother in a heads-up to yesterday's post as he is the contractor who will be doing the work, with Darren as his labourer. And Kirsten as supervisor, and me as client. Poor bastard! So tonight, he emailed me a series of photo-shopped images of our garden, which really gives a good idea of where our design is up to. Now to work out the dimensions of the pine-logs, and beams, so that Alastair can order the required timber, concrete and bolts before his suppliers shut up shop for Easter.
Diagram by Kirsten

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