Sunday, 13 April 2014

The much maligned sprout

When I was a kid Mum boiled the shit out of Brussels Sprouts, drained the water off, and served us the mushy leaves, We would have been better off, nutritionally, drinking the liquid that went down the drain. BUT, at least we were served Brussels Sprouts, probably because they were so hated that they were cheap.

I have planted three wee seedlings in a terracotta pot in the front garden. A big pot, mind you. The weather right now is so conducive to transplanting. Lots of lovely drizzle. I am dying to see if I can grow just one of these seedlings to maturity. Look at the mature plant, and its fruit. Isn't it bloomin' marvelous! As someone used to say.

I had no idea there were varieties of Brussels Sprouts, but there are. The label for mine says they are "Bressica oleracea var. gemmifera". According to this site, you can get Capitola, Cobus, Confidant, Cumulus, Franklin, Genius, Gustus, and Jade Cross. I will worry about that next season! Look at this wonderful recipe for BS roasted in mustard. Can't wait.

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