Monday, 7 April 2014

Mountain goats

Yesterday's post by Kirsten showed Alannah throwing herself off our stone heap. Today we discussed how to incorporate this ledge - it looks a bit like an Olympic podium - into our redesign of the front garden, due to get underway over Easter, injuries notwithstanding.

Alannah is pretending to be "super-girl" as she mentally prepares to fling herself into mid-air and land on the grass, rolling, as she dissolves into uproarious laughter. Who would not build a structure to facilitate this!
The stone blocks which litter the driveway at the moment, are serendipitous. Darren dug them from the fence line on the other side of the driveway. We are having discussions about the design right now. We know it involves a retaining wall, a raised garden bed, an insitu garden bed edged with rock, and another load of pebbles, similar to those we scattered over the walkways in the garden beds on the other side of the front garden.

More on this over the next 10 days as we tweak the design, purchase supplies, and get the team ready for the Easter/ANZAC Dy period.


Margaret said...

It is great to have "stuff" around the yard for the kids to play on and make up games, those big rocks are so handy for all sorts of activities, the lower level will be good for Juliet to practice holding onto as she learns to walk.Kids love to be outside and part of whatever is going on.
The front garden is looking very nice after all the hard work, will keep watching for more progress.

Julie said...

Yes, we get a lot of use out of the rocks already. Want them different heights, and different "smoothnesses". Also want to incorporate a few half-rounds, for the cats as much as for the girls!