Thursday, 10 April 2014

Retaining in a creative way

We are hoping to renovate part of our front garden during the Easter-ANZAC Day break. See the driveway? See the semi-circular curve? All that lies between the curve and the driveway is under consideration. Here is what we are hoping to achieve:
  • Remove the Lily-Pily (Cascade) that is closest to the driveway.
  • Remove the letter box, and replant it from where the Lily-pily was removed.
  • Dig out the soil between the driveway and the curve. There are many large, twisted roots beneath this soil. Place the soil on plastic sheets in the centre of the oval.
  • The length of the driveway (the bit under consideration) is 7.100 metres.The depth to be dug out - at its deepest -is 0.850 mm.
  • Pare back the soil, all the way along the top to the point below the two white porceleine animals sculptures.
  • Dislodge each of the large stones that currently define the shape of the oval. They are cemented into the line of the curve, so care will be necessary.
  • See the scatter of large white rocks halfway down the driveway (at the 4.200m mark actually? That is the point from which the jumping podium will be constructed. Go into this in a later post, as this post is about the digging out, and especially the "retaining".
Here is the area to be dug out in more detail. Along the front, below the Lily-pily "Cascade" hedge, is a brick retaining wall. In the centre front, this brick retaining wall is 9 courses deep. However, over to the left, below the letter box, only 4 courses are visible. Darren suggests that there are 9 courses all along the front.

What I want is a retaining wall to go from the top of the driveway down to the scatter of white rocks, and continue down incorporating the rocks. It goes from 850mm at the top (just to the left of the letterbox) to 100mm at the bottom. It will be pinned into the soil beneath the driveway, and be totally visible from the front porch. It must look "decorative".

Here are some examples that I have sourced from the www.

Here is a retaining wall built by Alastair. He has done a few more since. Ours will be a feature on display so he will take that into account, too. Next, I will look at the rock sculpture for the girls.


thestozz said...

Firstly, a point of order :). You retain soil, not concrete. In this case, that means that the need for a retaining wall is directly related to how thick the concrete slab is under the driveway.

I suspect there is soil to be retained at the top of the driveway under the slab, however, by the time you get down to the white rocks, there will be little soil to retain.

I guess my point here is that you can be as creative as you like with the wall as it's only the first 4m which requires any retaining. Addition0ally, the best way to retain the soil under the driveway is to dynabolt the retaining wall to the driveway. In this case, you do not need to go into the ground 600mm.

Julie said...

How do you dynabolt the logs? With a bolt through the 200mm logs straight into the concrete driveway?

BTW ... challenge me on the diameter of the logs. Using 200mm and 100mm was a stab by yours truly.

You know more than me (under oath I will deny saying that!).

It needs to be strong and it needs to be secure. But it also needs to look good and be in proportion.

And ... I have finally worked out the superimposed image. You took the logs from image 3 in this post and flipped them. I wish I had shopping skills like that!