Friday, 4 April 2014

Empty no longer

We moved into our three-generation house at the very end of January, 2013. The family lived upstairs, where they had their own family room. I lived downstairs in my own one-bedroom flat. Downstairs was also the kitchen, the dining room, and another living area.
But what to do with that spare living area, Kirsten wailed in May.
Well, use it we most certainly do! We read. We play jigsaws. We play cards. Juliet is starting to play with toys. We make up stories with our finger-puppets.
The only thing we have not got down to a tee is what to call this room. I am a smidge chagrinned that I nabbed the term "parlour" for my own sitting room. This is really our parlour. The girls are not allowed to cut and paste down here, or use play-doh, or play trains, or build lego. All that is done in their playroom upstairs. Colouring-in, and drawing is okay though.
And here is what this room looked like under the previous owners.

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