Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Derris Dust

Spent time gardening again today. Hamish offered me the final gleanings from his chook pen, so, with my little trolley, I bowled over there this AM, and helped myself to two loads. I put some in the massive pot for one of the figs - more on this in another post - some in the compost with ordinary soil (next month's compost trove should be a corker), and spread some around my rear flower bed.

Yesterday, I had pulled the straggley Marigolds, and de-headed the rest. Today, I moved each of "the rest" into a single line around the back of the curve. As I did this, I was eaten alive by thrips. Bastards! After a water-in, I gave then all a dressing of Dynamic Lifter, and sprinkled the chook gleanings on the parts of the bed that were now bare soil. Then, I got out this packet of dust from the Derris plant, and gave those thrips a hows-yer-father! I suspect I will have to do it more than once. Now, to find some Cyclamen, and some Lobelia ... that don't cost the earth, thank you kindly, Mr Bunning!

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Kay L. Davies said...

Eeuuww, I made the mistake of looking up "thrips" because I've heard of them but didn't know what they look like. I'm sorry I did that. They seem to be singularly unattractive little beasts, and the fact that they were eating you makes them even worse.
Your garden is lovely, Julie. It's very cold and snowy here, of course, and no one in this area does any gardening until May.
I'm glad you're feeling up to gardening, however.
Luv, K