Monday, 10 March 2014

Leaves are flutt'ring down ...

Leaves are flutt'ring down,
Leaves are flutt'ring down.
Gently, gently,
Daily, daily.
Leaves keep flutt'ring down!
Funnily enough, it happened this time last year, too. And continued for three L-O-N-G months. I am not quite as agile this year, not by much, but I am aware of it. So I shall endeavour to rake more often, and avoid the massive build-ups (builds-up, anyone?) that occurred all too frequently last year.
The thing is: I don't mind raking leaves. It is a solitary, and pointless pursuit, yet excellent for cogitating. For example, during my session this arvo, I was able to sort out in my own head that I did not want to replace an under-performing cleaner with myself. I would much prefer to continue with my gardening, and my family history. These are the two activities that would be curtailed. NOT the time with my girls!!


Kirsten Lynn said...

Which, of course, was my view all along. You should rake more often!!

Julie said...

Yes but ... it seems to be such a self-indulgent resolution to the issue. I have never been one to opt for self-indulgence.