Sunday, 23 March 2014

Kids in the Garden | The Bush

My childhood home stood in a street that ended where the bush began. We could enter Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park there or by descending steps from the other end of the street.

Today we introduced Alannah to the "secret track" at the end of our street. She was delighted. 

She scouted for monsters up ahead and trolls under bridges. Sometimes she led and sometimes Darren did.

It was a good 20 minute descent to the water of Crag Cove and she walked the entire distance. When she wasn't skipping or running. 

The bay was beautiful. At least half a dozen boats were anchored there. We could also see a number of houses and wondered if you could drive down to the other side or if the houses are only accessible by water. 

On the way back, an ascent of about 35 minutes, she was carried twice. To keep her going, we played 'hide and seek' or 'I spy'. When she filled her cheeks with water, it reminded me of Tidalijk the Frog and I started to tell her the story. It distracted her until I realised I had forgotten which animal made him laugh and why - a crucial oversight! 

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Julie said...

Astounding that we live so close to such beauty. All Aussie kids should be so lucky. You need to get a swag of maps next time you are at the Chatswood Branch of the Library.

Take Juliet next time in the pouch.