Sunday, 2 March 2014

The INTENT was there!

I had three days here by myself. Home alone!

I had the days all planned out. Transport timings. Photo excursions. The whole shebang! And it goes and rains. And then rains some more. It is hard enough walking when it is dry. The rain just makes it treacherous and increases the stress tenfold. And the last thing I want to do is catch a chill, and go down the pneumonia route again.

So, I stayed home.

I have plenty of gardening to do. But it was raining.

I had a desk to sand, stain, and enamel. That was okay, as I set it up in the shed.

It being the end of the month, I carted the compost up the driveway with my snazzy trolley from Hamish's clearance sale. I loaded it all into the low bed, where I laid out the Broccoli, and Cauliflower, and then sowed some more seeds. In between some quite heavy downpours, I managed to repot the succulents into terracotta pots picked up from across the road, too.

Today, I will take the three Blueberries from the bed where the Raspberries are gradually choking them, and put them into three tall pots.

And ... I will rake.


Birdman said...

More snow coming tomorrow... maybe. The spring will come and I'll be manning rakes and such. Time alone is so renewing to me. Rain or not.

Rosemary said...

I'll take Birdman's snow and raise him sleet and freezing rain. We're still bagging leaves from last fall - some of those trees are still dropping them.

Lois said...
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Julie said...

Golly, our weather has such an even nature to it, in comparison with the northern hemisphere.