Friday, 28 March 2014

In the Mind Garden - Reading allowed

Books and reading is a very big "thing" in our house. Each of us reads to the girls daily. Grandad reads to Alannah when she visits each Thursday or goes for a sleep-over. We are constantly looking for quality books, and complicated books. We have our fair share of film spin-offs, of Little Golden Books, and Dr Seuss books. Each Tuesday, Kirsten takes the girls to the library next to the pre-school. We are going to work our way through some award books. Here is a list of the Early Childhood Book of the Year since its inception in 2001, the first name being the author, the second name being the illustrator.

2013 - The Terrible Suitcase (Allen/Blackwood)
2012 - The Runaway Hug (Bland/Blackwood)
2011 - Maudie and Bear (Omerod/Blackwood)
2010 - Bear and Chook by the Sea Shanahan/Quay)
2009 - How to Heal a Broken Wing (Graham)
2008 - Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley (Blabey)
2007 - Amy & Louis (Gleeson/Blackwood)
2006 - Annie's Chair (Niland)
2005 - Where is the Green Sheep? (Fox/Horacek)
2004 - Grandpa and Thomas (Allen)
2003 - A Year on our Farm (Matthews/McLean)
2002 - Let's Get a Pup! (Graham)
2001 - You'll Wake the Baby! Jinks/McLean)
My feeling is that the Honour books, and the Short-listed books should not be overlooked. To this end, I will obtain a list of all winners, in all categories, since these awards by the Children's Book Council of Australia originated in 1946.

Before the Early Childhood category was included, books were assessed under the category of Picture Book of the Year. This could be aimed at any child from the age of 0 to 18 years. So I will flip through this list, too, as I would not want to overlook any classics!

I have illustrated this post with snippets from
"The Runaway Hug"
Written by Nick Bland
Illustrated by Freya Blackwood
Scholastic Press, 2011


Margaret said...

You might like to check out the books illustrated by Jackie Morris, her art is lovely.

Kirsten Lynn said...

We own or have borrowed all but 3 of these books. Not a bad hit rate.

2013 - The Terrible Suitcase (Allen/Blackwood)
2010 - Bear and Chook by the Sea (Shanahan/Quay)
2002 - Let's Get a Pup! (Graham)

(I haven't read Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley yet, but I know you have it.)

Julie said...

I agree, Margaret, that the art of Jackie Morris is lovely. I also like her re-telling, and extension of, folktales other than Anglo-celtic.

Julie said...

Yes, I thought we had done well thus far with our serendipitous choices, Kirsten.

Aaron Blabey is a challenge: especially his illustrations, which I have had a mini-focus upon. In "Stanley Paste" I have directed AJL's attention to how interesting each of the character's is. She likes the berets! In PB&CP the drawings are, obviously, from the same pen. It is important, IMHO, that different-looking people are given value, and positive characteristics. Otherwise, the girls might think only Rodeo-drive looks are of value.

Julie said...

We know Freya Blackwood, we know Emma Quay, and we know Bob Graham. So, let's seek out the missing three.

I will obtain that list of all winners ASAP. $8 from somewhere in Avalon. By snail mail.