Saturday, 1 March 2014

Domesticated ... NOT!

As you know, he follows me everywhere. This weekend has been incredibly wet, so I have alternated gardening in the front yard, with working on a desk in the shed. He always beats me through the gate, and, as usual, he was dive-bombed by two Yellow-throated Miners. With incredible athleticism, and speed, he plucked one out of the air. I was alerted by the distraught mate who went ballistic. I grabbed the cat and tried to prise open his jaws, but he made it perfectly plain that if he could not have the bird, then he would have me. He crunched, and the spurt indicated it was all over, Rover. I went back to my desk, while Cooper made like a lion.

Not long after, there was a (Grey) Butcher Bird call. And again. I sauntered out to see him on the gutter above the laundry. Not wanting there to be another notch on Coopie's belt, I stacked up 3 plastic milk crates and put the left-over carcass up high. I looked again in a few minutes, and the carcass was gone.

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