Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A fruitful garden

This is the 'Brown Turkey' fig I have had since October 2010. It is a gross feeder, and this year I am doing it justice. It has about a dozen fruit. The new BTF that I planed in June also has fruit on it.

This is the dwarf Satsuma Mandarin which set so many fruit not long after I planted it in June. These are the only ones still on the tree.

This is the Eureka Lemon given to us by Darren's father and his partner, Bob and Jenny. I think this is the only fruit in this, its first year. I expect more in the autumn. It is a full-size tree.

This is the 'Grosse Lisse' tomato, that was overwhelmed by the grape tomato, until I pulled it out from under. It has about 10 fruit on it, but is still flowering.

This is the dwarf Kumquat which is meant to fruit in Winter. Just two fruit.

And yes, finally the garden is fruitful. I harvested this today, and a similar quantity on Monday. Nothing like the supply needed to be able to cancel our regular fruit & veg delivery yet, I am afraid.


head in the sun said...

Careful the birds don't get those figs!
Vince's mum puts them in bits of pantihose and that seems to stop them.

Julie said...

Ah yes, someone suggested pantihose for the mongrel enjoying the raspberries, too. Will do this asap. I DO love figs.