Wednesday, 25 December 2013

From the kitchen | Christmas turkey

This is our first year in the Gingerbread House and we're hosting three Christmas lunches this week. For today's lunch, I ordered a free range 4.6kg turkey from Brookvale Meats (which looks like it might just become my new home-delivery butcher).

On the butcher's recommendation, I took the turkey out for over an hour before cooking, put butter under the skin of the breast, dressed it in oil, salt and pepper, and put it on a bed of onions and carrots partially covered with a mixture of red wine, chicken stock and water.  The turkey took about 2.5 to 3 hours in a 175 degree oven (until it reached 75 degrees between the leg joint and the breast, the last place to cook through).  I basted it every 45 minutes with the juices and after an hour or so put foil over the breast and legs.

I forgot to take a photo of the finished turkey, but this is it about half way through.


Delicious!  We served it with a gravy made from the pan juices, roasted potatoes, and tomatoes, cucumber, and capsicum from our kitchen garden.  Grandad and Pam brought cheeses, dips and grapes for appetisers and I shelved more complex dessert plans and served jelly, custard and homemade fruit mince pies (and some blueberry pies for those who don't like fruit mince).


Julie said...

Lovely photographs, Kirsten, and the roast turkey was totally delicious.

Julie said...

Yes, I had seen some of the extra images on Flickr and wondered why you did not post them. I am a big fan of your mince-pies. Shall have to rope you into the concept of Christmas-in-July.