Friday, 27 December 2013

Raspberry reprise

There are two Heritage Raspberry plants in a garden bed along with three Blueberry bushes. This is not a goer. Kirsten complains that I am forever moving plants from one location to another, and not as a rotation cycle, more like an urge to have the sofa in a different spot! And that is true ... but mainly because I am winging this gardening lark by the seat of my pants. Is that even possible?
As you can see from this middle image, the raspberry canes are coming up throughout the bed, and will very soon, choke everything else out of soil. So, I desperately need/want a new location for the Blueberries. During 2013 I had Sweet Corn in three tall planters (two in each). However, Kisten is not keen on the smell of corn cooking and, given her jaw issues, nibbling from a cob presents challenges. So, I will not plant SW for 2014, but instead will refurbish the soil in the planters and whack the Blueberry bushes in. Must read up about their need for how many hours of sunlight.

As for the Raspberries: they are looking good for a second flush sometime in early February. The number of canes has more than doubled, and each seems to be loaded with potential fruit. I do hope raspberries are not full of their own self-importance!

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