Thursday, 5 December 2013

Room to move

We have not really altered very much about this house in the ten months we have now lived here. However, the driveway was totally inadequate. Not wide enough for an SUV. And the hedge would have required a contractor in each season to maintain its shape.
Once we bit the bullet, what to do to rectify this became bleedingly obvious. Not easy, just obvious. See down the RHS of the final image there is a side hedge that is about 20' feet high, and very dense. This encroached about a metre into the property from the boundary. It was such a hodge-podge of bushes, just let grow rampant since 1941 or thereabouts.
As you can see, it is all gone now. Darren worked slavishly for many weekends, hacking back the jungle, removing quite massive trunks, and also digging up about 10 stone blocks lining the boundary. Firstly, Darren did the labouring. Then we had trouble getting a concretor to quote on such a small pour. They say 'No job too small', but they do not mean it. This was completed about the same time that Juliet was born. We have now finally found a chap to erect a fence, just 10.4 metres long and 1.8 m in height, and on the North Shore, when all the fencing contractors come from out west apparently. The concreting was just over $1,000, and the fencing will be just under $1,000. It will be done on Saturday. We won't know ourselves. He is going to remove all our accumulated garden junk to the tip when he finishes, too.

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