Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A-moulderin' in the soil

This first one is the Zucchini. This thin layer of white mould is creeping over the entire plant, and the fruit production has dropped away dramatically. There is one (1) fruit coming, plus another flower, plus down at the base, what appears to be a suckered on plantlet which is forming flowers. I want to cure this plant, but shall buy another seedling tomorrow to ensure continuous supply.
This second one is the Rockmelon. All these plants here - the zucchini, the rockmelon, the cucumber, and the watermelon - have a similar habit even though from a different genus. The head of the rockmelon is a bit crowded in the pot, so I will clear that away a bit tomorrow. Mostly, I water these plants with a 3-litre bottle of water every other day. I think it might be more lack of circulating air, rather than overhead watering.
This next one is the Cucumber. This is not a white mould, rather a form of rust, which is probably just a variation upon mould. These cucumber plants (there are three in the same pot) are very fecund.

And the final image is that of the Watermelon, which is showing no effect from mould - yet!

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