Saturday, 21 December 2013

Tah-dah! A blank canvas ...

The fence was completed about 1pm today, and all the roots and branches that Darren has dug up, or cut off, all this year have been taken to the tip. Tipping fees = $99.40.
It is so good to have the entry clean and tidy again, and to have the car in under shelter, not for the car's sake mind you, but for the sake of the little ones. That garage door, in the distance, is a facade. Behind it lies a tool shed, a false floor and a drive at such an angle that neither the Captiva SUV nor the Honda Cr-Z is able to negotiate it. Hence, that small 20' of the driveway is yet another garden room. Hee-hee-hee.
And so, the six (6) blank canvases, formerly known as fence panels:
one for a water feature
one for a series of 16mm terracotta pots
one for three horizontal ladders
one for a series of garden art in frames
one for, perhaps, three wooden pallets, and finally
one for three horizontal gutters.
Effectively, an eclectic mish-mash.
I shall take them one at a time and nip'n'tuck my artistic vision depending upon the visual impact.


Kirsten Lynn said...

That Honda CR-Z driver needs to stop trying to get down our driveway! (Darren has an s2000.)

Julie said...

oops ... I tried to work it out using photos ... whatever ...

sonia a. mascaro said...

Just lovely house!