Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A view of a room

I think of our garden in "rooms". It helps me divy up the work load into bite-size chunks, so that I do not bite off more than I can chew, so to speak. This is one of the items on my 2014 "To Do " list. It is in the back garden, on the high section, at the rear of the shed.

It is where I do a lot of my plant and soil preparation. It gets a bit of dappled sun, but is more protected than other parts of the garden. I have the orchids there in the summer, but move them into the sun during the winter to help them set flower spikes. The Mondo Grass is coming on a treat with a bit of extra watering. I need to trim the Chinese Star Jasmine again this weekend. It covers nearly every fence we have and is sending out its myriad of tendrils. But mostly I want to re-brick the "floor" of my work bench, make it look good, with a sense of permanence to it.


Andrew said...

The stags or elks look pretty good. I seen new Mondo grass look ok. I've never seen it look good a couple of years after planting. Please prove me wrong.

Julie said...

Mondo grass goes brown at the tips, and looks shocking. I had a dear sweet lady tell me once, in all seriousness, that the tips were brown because cats peed on them. Shade and water will do the trick I think. And not much traffic. I will report back.

Margaret said...

That looks like a nice cool area to work, I just repot on an old cane chair under my Jacaranda tree, as it is cool and shady.Once I start repotting and dividing etc, I usually spend waaaay more time than I intended, so finding a shady spot was important.
The cane chair is the wrong height for working and is on it's last legs, so a sturdy,weather proof, waist high replacement is on the agenda, maybe an old wrought iron table will do.

Julie said...

Me so, too. Spend more time than intended. On composting, too. But I enjoy all aspects of gardening. Some of it is straight out manual labour. I like cane, but it does not last long in the elements. I love hessian too, but texture and smell. I more often stand, but when necessary I draw up a plastic milk crate. I have about 10 of them scattered around the garden.