Saturday, 18 January 2014


I am referring to the unuseable portion of the driveway as the "Breezeway Garden". It slopes at an angle that makes it a challenge for modern vehicles. One of our vehicles is a low slung sporty thing, and the other is an SUV. Not only, but also: the garage has a false floor - because of the runoff when it rains - and neither vehicle would make it over the lip . Hence, the garage is really a shed, and that portion of the driveway is really a garden.

It is my hydrangea garden . One side, I have them planted in the ground, and the other side, I have them planted in large black, plastic pots. The summer sun hits about 11am and is over by about 2pm.

I have created a drop-down menu below the header to detail each Hydrandea variety.


head in the sun said...

That will be lovely when they all poof up!
I have a couple in at the front of the house - east - they are copping a battering this particularly sizzling summer.
But they are starting to harden off.
I have pink ones against our jacaranda blue house.
Can't beat those mopheads.
And love, love, love them as a cut flower.
You must be so pleased with how your garden is coming along in just one short year - goodonya!

Kay L. Davies said...

How strange to have a garage with a false floor. Not much use except, perhaps, for bicycles, but the unused driveway does make a nice spot for your pot plants!
Lovely hydrangeas, Julie.
Luv, K

Julie said...

Bad design methinks, Kay. We do store bicycles in it!

Julie said...

Letty, it is all my daughter's fault, this hyderangea fetish! She is the one who loved them as a cut flower. The great thing about the Breezeway Garden is that I walk through there probably once an hour!