Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Water, water everywhere

Unsure what water restrictions are currently in use, I just blithely use what and when I need. All the Sydney dams are still in the 90% full range. Something in my head says the restrictions were never lifted from before the drought broke ... when was that? 2009?

According to the Water Board water restrictions no longer exist; they have been replaced by Water Wise Rules. Before 10am and after 4pm still applies - which I serendipitously abide by. However, I do not have a trigger nozzle. Mainly because keeping a nozzle "on" is tough work for my poor hands, given the combined effect of neuropathy, arthritis, and early Dupuytren's contracture.

When we moved into this house at the end of January 2012, there was a water drip system around the back yard, which we turned off. It is still in place, but I do not think it necessary. As Peter Cundall says, "It's work hard to survive or kick the bucket in our garden." There are a couple of lilies down the back that have considerable browning at the margins, so I will trim all that, provide good old DL and give them another 12 months. Shape up, or ship out.

So, what do I use? Firstly, I tend to alternate gardens: one day, front; next day, back. However, if if has been very windy, or a scorcher, I will tend them both. I will often stand there working the hose held high in a semi-circular pattern, for a (slow) count of 50 per section. But I am never sure how much water this means that the plants actually get. And many fruit and veggies are gross feeders. A few times, of late, I have put the sprinkler on for 45 minutes. I have a lot of potted plants in the veggie patch and I water these by hand using old 3 litre milk containers. This is at least every-other-day. In the front garden I have 25 containers on the go. I find this very hands on, but it also provides necessary time for "plant whispering".


Mo said...

I'm just catching up after the New Year break. Lovely to see you back.
Water will always be an issue in Oz so just enjoy your garden

Julie said...

Thanks for your visit, Mo. A bit off the beaten-track for you.