Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The tortoise and the hare

A while back, I overheard the young lass next door ask her mother "Why does that old lady work so hard?", to which the mother responded "I guess she likes to feel useful". I re-imagined myself as a Greek-widow in weeds of black, haunched over the scrubbing board from dawn to dusk. What do other 65 year old women do with their time: travel the world; do luncheons; read Mills'n'Boon; watch "Days of our Lives". I garden and play with my girls. And go to the occasional film, go on photographic excursions; or perhaps an occasional lunch with friends. But, I do work hard. How else ISthere to bloody-well work? ASnd I have so much more to achieve throughout 2014:
build vertical gardens in each of the fence panels
build a rockery down the 'naked' side of the driveway
spread another load of pebbles, this time each side of the drive
design more veggie patch along the remainder of the frontage
clean out each of the three sides of the rear yard
design the planting so there is a flush of colour all year
build/fix my gardening bench.
Here is our Gingerbread Garden from the view of someone walking along the street. It is from here that I get the occasional Mrs-Have-a-Chat.

And, yes, he follows me everywhere.


Birdman said...

What a GREAT cat face. Enjoy every day of 2014!

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh my goodness, I was horrified that the youngster called you an old lady, but then I realized I'm one, as well, and a bit older than 65.
I don't feel like an old lady, though. Nor do I think of you as an old lady.
I love the what-are-you-doing look on the cat's face.
Here's to your 2014 list,
Luv, K

EG CameraGirl said...

I applaud your use of time in the garden! It looks quite neat and orderly.

head in the sun said...

The 3 year old next door to my parents said to my Mum (64y.o.) the other day:
Put those glasses on your face.
Mum had them perched atop her head and did as instructed.
The 3 year old then declared, shaking her head and curling her lip:
No. That's no better.

Way to be dissed by a 3 year old!!

You've been busy here too on the blog! Lots to read. Shall be interested to see what you say about blueberries.
My mini pot orchard has increased to 4 trees now - and I see I can buy dwarf Mulberry trees!
You know what I'm trying out in the vegie patch at the moment - a rosella (the plant variety, not the bird).

Julie said...

Birdman & Kay: many thanks for the NY wishes.

Julie said...

EG : a could not abide a garden au naturel ... although I know many prefer it.

Julie said...

I had to google "Rosella" plant. My next big adventure is asparagus!

Kirsten has just discovered that green tomatoes is a species not just unripe ones. So I guess I have some to compost.