Saturday, 11 January 2014

Give it a try!

I love beetroot, especially the beby variety that you can buy canned. So, I thought I would have a try growing my own. I am not having success with root veggies. My carrots come as wizened old women, and my beetroots were all over the shop. The first lot of seedlings produced absolutely nothing worth clucking about. I suspect I did not "feed" them enough. The second lot were extremely variable, but at least Kirsten got enough to experiment with. So, Beetroot will go on the backburner, along with celery, hot chillies, and lettuce of all varieties. I do like how their gorgeous colours brighten up a garden, though. Shallow, I know.


vinni30 said...

They look fine!

Kay L. Davies said...

I think they look lovely, too. I like very tiny ones washed well and cooked with their leaves and stems on, then served with butter.