Sunday, 5 January 2014

Vertical Garden - Panel 1

Collecting the ingredients for the first of the vertical gardens on the driveway fence.

The terracotta pots are 16cm ones available at Bunnings for $1.49 each. I bought 18 of them. Darren chose all the ingredients to attach to fence: some 2cm wide tin (6mm thick), with holes every 2cms; screws appropriate for treated pine; and, a pair of tin snips. The fence has three rails. I will attach 7 poots to one rail, 6 pots to the middle rail, and 5 pots to the third rail. But, I need to decide whether I want to be top-down, or bottom-up. Decisions! Decisions!

The ladder is for the next panel, and is there for storage more than anything. There is a story to the ladder so more on that later in the week.

Once the pots are all attached to the wall (not permanently, they can be lifted out of their ring), I will spray both inside and out before getting Alannah to decorate some of them. Without the lacquer coat, Alannah's paint will simply soak into the clay ... and she will be mightily peeved!


Julie said...

Hah ... Althouse & Geiger is an Australian painting firm established in 1875. They have a website.

head in the sun said...

Oh very interested to see the finished product.

Julie said...

In my mind's eye, it will be more dynamic visually to be top down, ie 7 on the top rail, 6 on the middle rail, and 5 on the bottom rail.