Friday, 3 January 2014

Better to be safe than sorry

This display is in one of those spots that I am sure everyone has - a spot one ALWAYS forgets to tend. It gets little rain, and little sun, so succulents are ideal. I did have Bromeliads there until earlier this week, but it is not the right place for them to flourish, and is also too cramped for their rigid straps. Although the planter is secure enough, I know the top pot weighs a fair bit. So I will ask my resident handyman to devise a way of attaching planter to wall, and pot to planter.


Kirsten Lynn said...

I really like succulents. It's their architectural shape that appeals, I think. I've spoken to the resident handyman and he'll take a look.

Julie said...

Excellent. Taa. The stuff we bought at Bunnings on NYs Day might be a goer.