Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Garden churn: out with the old, in with the new

No, no. I haven't turfed out the figs. They are more heavily laden this year than ever before. I shall have to toughen up the slender trunks before next spring or they will struggle with the weight.
The eggplant/aubergine has tickets on itself. At least this time I am giving our chef fair warning that she is about to be inundated. These are called 'lebanese' and somehow I think that implies smaller fruit than usual. Both the tomato disasters were taken out between Christmas and New Year, and one end of that high bed is host to some snowpeas sown in situ. They sprout better this way, and it certainly is cheaper.
I have two cherry tomatoes down in the Breezeway Garden which are loaded with trusses. I am endeavoring to keep the plant aired, and within 6" of the top of the cage. They both look very healthy. Following the advice of a lovely lady at Bunnings, I am keeping them tied up with strips of Chux.
The other end of the ex-tomato bed is germinating cauliflower, broccoli and sweet capsicum. I did not expect them all to germinate, but will find spots for as many as possible. These are the Cauliflower.


Vagabonde said...

Your fig tree looks just like ours, but ours stayed green this past summer as it rained so much in Georgia. Luckily a neighbor had a different variety of fig and I was still able to make jam. I enjoyed my first visit to your blog.

Kay L. Davies said...

I just love to come here to look at growing things, Julie. We've still got a lot of snow and ice here. Dick and Lindy have to content themselves with their post office walk, because their countryside walk is getting a bit tricky for Lindy's fading eyesight.
We're seeing her veterinarian tomorrow, about a lump I found on her side. I'm hoping the lump won't be serious and that we'll be able to discuss her eyesight again.
We had previously decided against cataract surgery, because I remember mine, and the drops administered for days afterward are painful. But she bumps into walls and furniture, and it's heartbreaking. Poor dear old puppy.
I am looking forward to seeing your vegetables as they mature. Meanwhile, the figs are so nice and green and pretty.
Luv, K