Sunday, 12 January 2014

Dropping off the perch

I was devastated to find this little Rockie lying on the pebbles this afternoon, being too heavy for his poor vine to hold him. Not that she is big mind you, this rockmelon. Runt-sized would be more like it. It does not smell ripe around the stem-area, so I will leave it another 10 days, and see if any progress can be determined.
And here I am with tickets on myself as a garden whisperer. Baloney! Had I been such, I would have stuck some support under the fruit to help the vine. Better late than never, I supported the second fruit, and the third one is already resting on the pebbles.
The Watermelon is in no hurry either! At least it has set fruit come the new year. There is a week between these two shots. I have the vine trailing in between the Lilli-pilli hedge along the verge. Hope no idle passers-by notice them!


Margaret said...

Oh dear,poor little rockmelon, I hope it ripens up for you.
Back in the farm days we had to keep careful check on the few rockmelons, as the cats would eat into them during the night, as soon as they were ripe, so daily checks were needed. Who would have imagined that cats would eat rockmelon ???
The beetroot look lovely, I usually put one (raw) into any juice I make and they are so delicious when baked.

Kay L. Davies said...

I once had two squash whose vines climbed six feet up our big blue spruce tree, until the squash became too heavy, and down they came. The vines were so strong, they also came down. I was amazed by the whole process, being no kind of gardener myself.
I hope your melon does ripen in the house.
Luv, K