Friday, 31 January 2014

Fairies at the bottom of our garden

Friday is "Ma Day" in the Ginger Bread House, and it is always a challenge to "programme" a full quota of activities. Knowing today was going to tip the mercury at 30C, I determined from the get-go, that Alannah and I would "work" in the back garden. Which did the trick. I did not feel at all hot, all day.

We had a sand-pit. We had a swimming pool. We had craft equipment. We had gear for water-colour painting, and gear for poster painting. And the general theme was fairies. I had stashed a painted stone, just one, at the base of a tree, and then wove a story about how it got there, and we were off and running. Now to hope that the models from e-Bay do not take eons to arrive.

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