Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A little slurp'll do yah!

On the front it says "Made from European Carp that are destroying our rivers and waterways", and on the back it reinforces this with "made from whole European Carp". Some factory, hey? It is in Deniloquin.

But is is complicated. To me, it is complicated. There are 5 litres of pulverised fishies. The front says that it makes 1500 litres of cordial. So, says I, that would mean ... ummm ... 30ml of Charlie for every 5L of mix. I mixed it at the rate of 50ml per 5L. However, however ... the back has another sum.

*** Hangs head with the thudding ache ***

It says "90ml per 9L of water" for fruit trees. This is because 9L is enough to cover 10M2. I guess. If it is 90ml per 9L, then it is 10ml per 1L, and ... this is getting exciting ... I suppose it is 50ml per 5L.

.Enough. Enough, with the sums. I know I will simply settle for a slurp per whichever container comes to hand. The issue is though, that this 5L carton of Charlie's Crap cost me nearly 50 dollars at Bunnings!!

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